Hello, welcome to our world. LuckyLand is the happy place where you are going to find all of our characters playing around, discovering and learning new things each day. Our Lucky Little Moose will always be looking after everyone in LuckyLand, from the small little beeto the sweet piggy, teaching them his knowledge and sharing his stories. He is a very wise little fellow!

Check out who else lives here with our Lucky Little Moose

Barney, the Brave Bee

Barney it is our small little bee, that even when he is the smallest of all the animals in Luckyland, he doesn’t let anything get him down or scare him. He is super brave and is always encouraging everybody to “don’t let your fears Bee bigger than your dreams”!   pijepqepojpwejpoejjopopwejfd jojoojjojiuhihsoiwhowhoi dwoihdoi whoiwhidhwiodqhoihowih iwoidhw

Lily, the Lovely Ladybug

 Lily is our tiny little girl that with her touch makes everything around more joyful, she is always smiling and telling everybody their virtues so nobody feels blue. She loves to remind her friends how much they are loved but Lily also says that they have to show their love to each other as well telling them: “Actions gives true value and dignity to virtues”.

Ralphie, the Adven-    turous Raccoon

When Ralphie came to Luckyland, everyone thought he was a quiet and shy little buddy, but once they got to know him he was a complete surprise. Ralphie is super adventurous, always discovering new places around to show his friends and always eager to see what it is beyond the limits and he keeps telling everyone: “If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try!”

Polly & Philip, the Clever Penguins

This pair is super bright little mates, they are brother and sister and they love to spend their free time reading. Everybody in Luckyland knows they always have a solution for everything so when anybody is in trouble to find out some quest or matter, they come to Polly and Phillip. Polly’s favorite books are about literature and Phillip’s are about big machines and constructions. They always say: “We lose ourselves in books, we found ourselves there too”.

Ophelia & Owen, the helpful Owls

Ophelia and Owen are twins, they love to fly around and look after their friends in Luckyland and make sure everybody is doing great. They like to collaborate in all the activities and during night time while everybody sleeps, they are the guardians of the town. Ophelia and Owen always say: “Help others to achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours”. 


Freddie, the Fancy Frog

Freddy is our little friend who is not shy at all, actually his favorite game is to play that Luckyland is a kingdom where he is the King. But he is a really kind King, going around and asking everybody what he can do to make things better for his friends to make them feel comfortable and happy. “The only way to be a satisfied King is to have a content kingdom” he says.


Phoebe, the playful Piggy

Phoebe is our sweet piggy who always brings new games and ideas to have even more fun at Luckyland. She loves to make up new games where everybody learns something, and she doesn’t let anybody get bored. “There is so much to do and discover and so much little time”! She says. Phoebe is a little cheerful friend whom everybody loves to have spends time with. oudhdqohdohqoiqdh ioqhoiqhiodhoqihoiqhwoihdqiodhoihoihiohioho ohiihoihiodhdwwdwd